Community Focus

Centrepoint Community Arm

(formerly Beyond the Walls)

Centrepoint believes that every person is created by God and deserves to be respected. We are passionate about being practical in the way we serve and care for the community around us. Our church hosts a number of freely available programs that help bring connection, encouragement and support to those in need. These programs are available for all to attend regardless of age, gender and social standing.



Breakfast Clubs

Feeding children before school to increase their ability to learn.

Rewards Day

Partnering with teachers to bring students on a fun filled excursion to our facilities for a games program and pamper session as a reward for good behavior.

Lunchtime Programs

Hosting games and sport during school lunchtime to help reduce anti social behavior.

Imagine Me Girls Program

Helping teenage girls build self esteem through a practical course.

Teacher Appreciation Moments

Supporting educators during highly stressful seasons in the school term.

High School Tutoring

Giving free after school tutoring to teenagers who want to improve their grades. You can sign up for tutoring here.

Kids/Youth Camps

Providing a safe place for children and teens to come together, have fun and build healthy friendships.


Offering high-risk students one on one support through times of crisis.


Mums and Bubs

Supporting mothers and their newborn babies through fortnightly gatherings.

Christmas Breakfast

Hosting a large-scale breakfast to feed more than 1000 people in three locations to help the community connect during one of the most isolated seasons of the year.

Financial Intelligence Course

Teaching the community practical skills on budgeting, investment and saving so that they can be empowered to live without financial stress.

Freedom Course

Walking people into emotional wholeness by teaching them the skills to forgive others and themselves..

Crisis Care

Helping people in a desperate situation by providing:

  • Clothing
  • School Supplies
  • Cleaning
  • Counseling
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Hospital visitations
  • Pastoral care
  • Short term accommodation

Drama Armour

Developing meaningful friendships through drama irrespective of all ages and abilities.

Flying Solo

Supporting and connecting single parents through activities and events.

FREE Family Events

Hosting community events that enable isolated people to connect with the larger community for their personal mental wellbeing. This includes, Family Carnivals, International Food Truck Nights, Community Ballets and Watoto Children’s Choir

OUR WORK NATIONWIDE (Support through Financial Partnerships)

  • Youth Alive Australia: endeavours to influence the youth culture in Australia in a positive way through its high school programs and citywide events.
  • ACCI (Australian Christian Churches International): provides practical relief and aid in nations around the world who are currently in crisis.
  • Australian Aboriginal Outreach: resources country towns across Australia, training up Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to become a beacon in their local communities.
  • Open Doors: works with persecuted people in over 60 countries around the world offering them hope and helping them rebuild their lives.
  • Centrepoint Extension Services: enables regional Australia to have access to a life giving, Christian community through video streaming and mentoring of local leaders in regional communities.
  • Preemptive Love: focuses on war torn Syria and the refugee crisis in the Middle East.  This organisation offers, aid, medical help, food and support to those who have lost everything.
  • Operation Uganda: encourages teenage girls to stay in school by providing them with sanitary needs so that they do not miss school because of their menstruation cycle.
  • Lesotho Kids: endeavours to reduce the number of street kids in this African nation by educating them and placing them in adopted families.
  • Pregnancy Problem House (PPH) specialises in finding solutions to help unplanned pregnant girls in a non-judgemental and understanding way
  • Compassion Australia: releases over 1.7 million children from poverty from the poorest communities in the world.
  • Mercy Indonesia: cares for orphans and widows. They have been  our major sponsors for a decade. Through Mercy we have built three orphanages, a women’s refuge, kindergarten, dug wells and more.


Love Thy Neighbour is our annual initiative to engage our church in providing practical support to those in need in our community. In 2017, we have six programs:

  • Men’s Homeless Packs: Put together essentials for those living on the streets.
  • Comfort Teddy: Provide children of domestic violence with a comfort teddy when they arrive at a women’s refuge.
  • Tonne of Tins: Gather a tonne of tinned non-perishable food for Mission Australia to help the poor.
  • Rockingham Community Hospital: Transform a community hub through practical help.
  • Watoto Children’s Choir: Gather the community for a free inspiring concert.
  • Teen and Technology Seminar: Train parents on safe technology practices for their teens

All of these initiatives are made possible because of the generosity of the people of Centrepoint Church.  A large portion of the giving comes from our monthly Community Arm pledges. Without this, we would not be able to have such a huge impact on our community and for this we are truly grateful.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these ministries please sign up on our Volunteer page or if you would like to partner with us financially then give here.

Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to give us a call  on 08 9418 3724 or email

Together we can make a huge difference in our world.