Dear Church Family,

This year’s Miracle Offering is inspired by the story of Isaac in Genesis 26:19-20. Isaac and his family searched desperately for a safe place to call home, where they could build for the future and flourish for generations to come. 

Isaac dug a well, but unfortunately, locals claimed the water for themselves, forcing him to move and try again. Despite facing the same challenges with subsequent wells, Isaac remained persistent and full of faith. On the third try, he successfully dug a well and named the place “Rehoboth,” declaring that God had given them “room to flourish in the land.”

In 2023, we believe that God is declaring “Rehoboth” over our church. He is wanting to supernaturally provide new spaces for our church family to build, heal, and grow. 

With this in mind, we have prayerfully chosen projects that align with this theme, so that our giving can provide thousands of people with a spiritual home both now and in generations to come.

We have themed this year’s Miracle Offering, “A Place to Call Home,” and ask that you prayerfully consider your part in the vision.

May God abundantly bless you,



This year’s Miracle Offering giving is 100% tax deductible.

Cash / Cheque
If you’d like to give with cash or cheque, please pick up a Miracle Offering giving envelope from your local campus, complete it, and bring it along to our Miracle Offering service on Sunday 25 June at Carey Baptist College in Harrisdale.

Direct Debit / Credit Card Giving
Please complete the form below and follow the instructions provided on submission.